...And UFB is on!

7th Nov

Trenching had gone well the day before.

Around 9.30am I received a call from the techs confirming my address, and how to get here :) They turned up a bit later and we discussed the location for the ONT. The techs went to work, one under the house, and one above - every thing going swimmingly. They even drilled a hole and passed up the CAT 6 cable I was going to run under the house to get connectivity to the TV.

The fibre was run from the ETP and terminated, with a bit of extra length. The Huawei ONT mounted nicely against the wall, and call placed to the guy with the fibre blower.

I took off for the distribution point, about 80m away, and watched the setup from that ended. All pretty simple really, and the ducts are well labelled so should not be many issues down the line. I also checked out the Downer work order, had my address, the DP number, and the duct number all listed, so it looks like there will be no problems with incorrect connections :)

The fibre was blown through. Apparently you can do 30m just with the feeder unit, and only need the air for greater distances.

One quick join later ( apparently we are down to one joiner in Christchurch at present, the US has ordered around 17,000 so the factory is a bit behind ) and the Huawei is powered on, a phone call made to the NOC. The GPON light goes solid  and all is confirmed as OK, ready for me to plug in my router. The techs pack up, bid fond farewells, and are on the road 2hrs  after arriving.

Now the fun begins...... :)

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