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This blog will follow the install of UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband), a fibre product being rolled out in New Zealand, in Bishopdale Chriscthurch. The blog is NZ centric, but I will try to explain things for interested overseas readers :)

This blog has been condensed from my thread on the fantastic NZ based tech site Geekzone

Here is a bit of background to set up the scene: 

UFB is subsidised by  the New Zealand Government, and LFC ( or Local Fibre Companies) have been selected to install the fibre in various areas.

For more information on UFB ( Ultra Fast Broadband in New Zealand) see the following links:

Crown Fibre Holdings - The NZ government department in charge of UFB

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) for Dummies. - A great blog from Steve Biddle explaining UFB setups in NZ

My ISP of choice is SNAP!

I am an IT professional and will be using my own router etc, not the SNAP supplied Fritz box. No particular reason except i have the other equipment already.

I have been a Snap customer for three years, with no issues, and will be staying with them for UFB.

I am currently renting the the house i am in and have the landlords permission to install fibre

The house is stock standard, and should fall easily in the guidelines for a standard install 

So... we have a knowledgable customer, stock install, and no change of provider. In theory this install should go perfectly if everyone has their processes right :) Some of the Bishopdale exchange had been cabinetised, offering VDSL, but the majority of it was still ADSL 2+ and i sat on the out side edge (annoyingly only 100m from a VDSL area ) so was getting sync of around 5.5/.7 on average. 

April/May/June/July/Aug: Enable contractors begin laying piping through out a large area of Bishopdale and Papanui. The pipes are Red and and approx100-150mm and are laid under the footpath. Piping is then laid from them to approx every second house gate, two pipes, red again, approx 10-20mm. I am assuming the smaller pipes are run through the larger pipe and split off at each juncture. The termination of the pipes seems to be white cabinets, similar size to the VDSL cabinets, probably a max distance of 100m from the furtherest house

Discussing with the Enable contractors, apparently each small pipe will service one house.

So in May, excited ( probably more so than i should be, is there something wrong with me?), I ring SNAP and am told yes UFB is coming, supposedly around Aug/Sept, and to forward my details to a specific email for further info when plans and timetable are released. Plans a duly released later in the year and for a brief period the website tells me i can get UFB. Contact SNAP, as the pipes are still being laid, "Sorry about that,Enable accidently updated the database, check back around August/Sept

Sept /Oct : Contractors are back as the pressure in the pipes is not holding, so they try to find the leaks :) A bit of swearing going on. Problem fixed no sign of any Enable vans for about a month now

Oct : Constantly checking SNAP website to see if UFB available - 27th Oct will forever be etched in to my brain, supplanting my mothers birthday :)

27th Oct: Now the fun begins. Contact SNAP to discuss plans. Talk to Sam. Conversation goes something like this

Me: Hi I'd like to talk to you about UFB, do you know much about it?
Sam : Yep. We have done a few installs, where are you?
Me: Bishopdale
Sam: wow that was quick, they have only just released that to us
..... lots of gushing like a schoolgirl from me on how long i've waited etc :)

Sam confirms I'm a current customer, and begins by updating my details, which had changed. Also checked if i owned or rented. Confirmed i had spoken to the landlord.

Sam: Right so you want the 100/50 plan with your current 60gb top up pack?
Me: Nope lets start with the 30/10 ( baby steps lol ) and a 20gb top up
Sam: Ok. Now you realise that this is a minimum 12 month contract, and if you cancel you have to pay the remainder of the term
Me: (as if i'd cancel ) Yes
Sam: If you do leave the flat you may want to do a transfer of ownership to the landlord to avoid paying the termination fee (good idea!)

Sam then goes on to explain what the procedure for the install is

1) a scoping appointment will be made by Enable to come and look at the property, and discuss with me any technical issues, cabling, location of ETP, ONT etc and to plan the install
2) the civil works ie trenching etc will be completed
3) A tech will attended with the ONT, blow the fibre through, install the ONT and complete the setup. Snap will then switch me over to the fibre connection.

A bonus is that by staying with my ISP i should have ADSL right up to the point of switch over.

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